Pre-Visit Information

We have developed a series of short videos and resources to support the teaching of money as an interdisciplinary topic. Further information is available here.

We also have a Visual Story and Sensory Map to help you plan your visit.

A Word version of this page can be downloaded here (opens in a new window).

It is essential that the group leader and all accompanying adults read this information before the visit. 


Timing is critical. It is important to arrive promptly as it is very difficult to make up time once the activities have started. If you need to change the time of your visit, please give us as much notice as possible. On the day, if you are running more than five minutes late, please contact the Museum on 0131 243 5445/5464.


We need a minimum of three responsible adults (including the group leader) to assist us in managing the children.  We hope that the adults will enjoy the sessions as much as the children, but please save any questions or comments for the end of the activity, so that the flow is not disrupted. 

Before your visit

  • Please give us advance notice of any children with additional support needs - some staff are more experienced in this area, and we can adjust our rotas accordingly.
  • Tell the children to bring a drink and a snack for break time - there is nowhere on site to buy refreshments.
  • Let us know in advance if you would like to have access to the Museum shop or to eat your packed lunch on the premises.
  • Pre-divide the class into three groups.
  • Impress upon the children that they will be handling some very old and fragile objects - they will need to treat them with particular care.

Arrival at the Museum

The Museum does not open to the public until 10.00 am, so the entrance gate remains locked until then. If you are booked in before 10.00, or at any time on Mondays (when we are closed to the public) please telephone on approaching the Mound - 0131 243 5445/5464. We will then unlock the gate for your arrival. 

During your visit

  • All coats and bags must be left in the cloakroom.
  • Children must be accompanied by a representative from the school at all times.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the display areas.
  • Please do not touch the objects or paintings on open display - dirt and grease on our fingers can damage them.
  • Writing and drawing should only be done with the pencils and crayons provided.
  • Please consider other visitors to the Museum - no running or shouting!
  • Teachers - feel free to photograph your classes, but please do not use a flash, or take close-ups of any museum objects.


  • Access - the Museum is reached via a paved walkway through the garden, and is fully accessible to wheelchair users. The reception space, shop and multi-purpose room have been fitted with an induction loop.
  • Cloakroom - a lockable cloakroom is provided for coats and bags.
  • Toilets - these are located beyond the gallery space and include one full access toilet.
  • Lunch - if the weather is dry, packed lunches can be eaten in the garden. Alternatively, our multi-purpose room can be used, but children will have to sit on the carpet.
  • Shop - the Museum also has a gift shop, all profits from which go to charity. If you would like your class to have access, we suggest each child brings £2.00 spending money. We have a range of 'pocket-money' items, such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, coin key rings, 'quill' pens, bookmarks, postcards and replica historical coins.

Transport and parking

The Museum on the Mound is located in Edinburgh, between Princes Street and the Royal Mile. Directions, travel information and a map can be viewed at Find Us.  You can also download a street map from Google (this opens in a new window).

  • Car - limited metered parking is available in Market Street and St. Giles Street. These spaces are free to disabled badge holders.
  • Coach - groups can usually be dropped off/picked up in St. Giles Street, a short walk from the Museum entrance.
  • Bus - the Museum is a 10 minute walk from the main bus station in St. Andrew's Square, and a 5 minute walk from Princes Street. Several local buses stop on the Mound itself.
  • Train - the Museum is a 5 minute walk from Waverley Station - follow the ramp up onto Waverley Bridge, then walk up Market Street.

Health & safety

Download our Risk Assessment (opens in a new window).

If you have any other questions regarding H&S, or if you want to see our full documentation, please e-mail Nicola Miller, Museum Manager, at


We are constantly trying to improve our schools' programme, and would appreciate your feedback. We would be very grateful if, after your visit, you would complete and return the form included with the Teacher Pack given on the day. You can also download a copy of the form here (opens in a new window).

Classroom resources

Our classroom resources are now available. For more information, please visit our Beads, Bawbees and Banknotes pages.

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