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Please note - we are not currently accepting school bookings, but please have a look at our growing selection of online resources, including MON£Y MARVEL$.

Here you can learn more about our Museum-based activities, on-site facilities, and stand-alone classroom resources. The Museum's rich and varied collections allow us to present money as a fascinating cross-curricular topic. We have consulted widely with teachers and other education professionals to develop a schools' service which closely supports Curriculum for Excellence. We hope that you will find it both exciting and relevant!

What we Offer

Children visiting the Museum engage in hands-on activities based around our extensive collection of original artefacts. These sessions are led by Museum staff and are free of charge. To find out more about the themes we cover, how a school visit is structured, and how to make a booking, please see below. At present the activities are largely aimed at upper primary pupils (P5-7) and a maximum class size of 33.

However, we are happy to adapt our sessions for younger pupils, secondary pupils and visitors with additional support needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our classroom resource, Beads, Bawbees and Banknotes, is available to schools free of charge. Further information is available here.

Timing and Format of a School Visit

On arrival, the class is given a short introduction to the Museum and the topic of money. The children are then split into three groups and rotated around three different activities. Each lasts about 45 minutes. A break is usually taken after the first activity. In order to give children the best possible experience, we recommend that you allow approximately three hours for your visit. For further details, directions and maps, please consult our Pre-Visit Information for Schools. An additional map and travel information can also been found in Find Us.

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When you get in touch, we will try to offer you a choice of dates. However, because sessions are limited, you are advised to book as early as possible.

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