Money Marvels is a series of short videos to support the teaching of MONEY as an interdisciplinary topic.

These can be used with a whole class or for individual study.

They are best suited for P5-P7 but may well have elements, or ideas, suitable for younger pupils or those with special needs.

As with our popular money workshops, these draw heavily on our collection of original artefacts and our access to materials from Bank of Scotland and the Royal Mint.

These can now be accessed via YouTube with the links below.

What is Money? Part 1 (What do we do with money?)

What is Money? Part 2 (What do we use as money?)

The World's Oldest Money

The World's Longest Money2

The World's Tastiest Money

The Penny

The Pound in the Past

The Pound Today

The Newest Bank of Scotland Banknote

Design your own Banknote


Keeping Money Safe at the Bank

Keeping Money Safe at Home

The following videos were created specifically for Maths Week Scotland topics

Maths Week - Using Maths to Fight Money Crime

Maths Week - Heads or Tails - A Game of Chance

Maths Week - Measuring £1 Million

Maths Week - What Would You Do With £1 Million?

We will be adding to the list over time to build up a comprehensive resource covering many aspects of money.

As this is a new approach for us, we would be grateful for any feedback you can provide, any suggestions for topics, and any offers to pilot new themes as we develop them. Please e-mail us with any questions or suggestions.

For banknote templates and ideas for further activities, please have a look at our Money Marvels Resources.

For further financial capability resources, please visit the Lloyds Bank Academy.