Digital Workshops

We are happy to offer free digital workshops that provide an inspiring, interdisciplinary introduction to money.

Even digitally, we aim to facilitate learning by doing. Our workshops have been designed to encourage pupils to think critically and creatively through exploration and discovery. Free handling materials are sent in advance to make our digital workshops as sensory and engaging as possible.

Suggestions for activities to complete before and after the digital workshop are provided. These activities help learners make meaningful links across the curriculum.

Each workshop is live and interactive:

Workshops are led via Microsoft Teams by a Money expert – a member of the Museum team who will encourage curiosity and promote discussion.

They are best suited for children aged 8 - 11. Workshops are approximately 25-30 minutes long and can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of a class.

Workshops available:

What is Money?: Pupils will use their investigative skills to explore different things people have used as money in other countries, and in the past.

Aim: Help pupils understand the value of money.

Money-wise: Pupils will analyse old bank advertisements promoting saving. They will be encouraged to think creatively and share personal finance tips with others.

We can work with your pupils to make brilliant badges like these:

badge with a drawing of a piggy bankbadge with a drawing of a money tree

Aim: Get pupils talking enthusiastically about keeping money safe.

A report giving further details, feedback and outcomes can be found here.

Please e-mail to arrange a suitable date and time.