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Pounds & Pence - The Science in your Pocket!
9th April - 20th April 2019 
As part of the Edinburgh Science Festival, we are teamed up with the Royal Mint Museum, Cardiff, to put money ‘under the microscope’. Billions of coins and millions of notes circulate daily, but rarely receive the scrutiny they deserve. Specially devised workshops at the Museum on the Mound will allow visitors to examine the materials and technology behind these mini masterpieces. Magnifiers and money-checkers will play their part in revealing the secrets behind the cash we handle every day.

Strike it Lucky!
2nd July - 26th August 2016 
2nd July - 27th August 2016 
30th March - 13th April 2018 
1st July - 29th August 2016 
1st July - 29th August 2016 
14th May - 15 May 2016 
4th July - 31st August 2015 
16th - 17th May 2015
3rd April - 19th April 2015
28th June - 25th August 2014
4th April - 21st April 2014
29th June - 30th August 2013
23rd March - 14th April 2013
3rd July - 27th August 2012
2nd June - 10th June 2012
31st March - 15th April 2012
5th July - 29th August 2011
12th April - 2nd May 2011
13th July - 30th August 2010

For the last five years we have offered this very popular workshop where you get the chance to strike a replica medieval Scottish coin. And it's yours to keep.
We also explain how coins were made in days gone by, using coin dies and hammers. Keep an eye out for future events and have a go yourself!  

Paper to Polymer
18th December 2015 - 10th January 2016
25th March - 9th April 2016

In December 2015 we ran this special exhibition as an introduction to the new Bank of Scotland Polymer £5 note, with special focus on the limited edition (just 50!) of the special Pudsey design notes for BBC Children in Need. It was so successful we ran it again over Easter 2016, this time showcasing the design the public would get to use.

Under Lock and Key
9th July - 6th September 2009

In 2009 we lifted the lid on 300 years of security. Using visual displays and fun interactives, 'Under Lock and Key' revealed the story of how banks kept valuables safe – and what happened when things went wrong.

Under Lock and Key Playing with the lock

Faking It 
8th July - 31st August 2008

Our exhibition in 2008 was devoted to the intriguing subject of banknote forgery. Drawing on material from our own collections, 'Faking It!' looked at forgers and forgeries over three centuries. The displays also included items generously loaned by the Natural History Museum and the National Archives of Scotland

Faking It! Playing with the Identikit

Designer Notes
12th July - 2nd September 2007

Our summer 2007 exhibition traced the development of Scottish banknote design, from 1696 to the present day. On display were such rarities as 'trial' and un-adopted designs, together with original artwork for the banknotes we carry every day in our pockets.

Royalty and writers, landscapes and landmarks . . . all have adorned Scottish banknotes over the past 300 years.

Detail from Caledonian £1 note 1838, from Designer Notes Designer Notes exhibition, summer 2007

Some Distance From The Sun
Video art by Dalziel + Scullion
1st - 15th April 2007

This film is one of a number of works, in a variety of media, commissioned for the newly refurbished Mound building (in 2006). It plays continuously in the main part of the building, but was also shown in the Museum during Easter 2007.

Some Distance From The Sun examines the evolution of plant life on earth, from simple algae through to complex flowering and fruiting plants. Apart from the extraordinary beauty of its subject matter, the film challenges our thinking about the very nature of plants, and their place in the world. 

Still from Dalziel + Scullion's Some Distance From The Sun, Easter 2007.

Banking and Ballet
12th Dec 2006 - 14th  Jan 2007

This small exhibition was hosted by the Museum to coincide with Scottish Ballet's 2006/2007 production of Cinderella. This was one of a series of bank-sponsored productions, which also includes The Nutcracker, The Snowman and Aladdin.

On display were a number of star objects including Sleeping Beauty's tutu, by Jasper Conran - one of Britain's most talented fashion designers.  Also displayed were the wild bird masks from the 1978 Scottish Ballet production of Cinderella

Cinderella (Courtesy of Scottish Ballet)Cinderella (Courtesy of Scottish Ballet)