Want to see a million pounds? See Scotland's oldest banknote? Explore the changing face of Edinburgh? Build a model home? Crack open a safe?

These are just some of the things you can see and do at the Museum on the Mound.

A Bank for Scotland

Discover the hidden history of Scotland's oldest bank. Find out why Bank of Scotland was founded and discover some of its famous customers. Explore how the Bank has changed and developed over 300 years.

See the Bank's original founding Act from 1695, the ledger placed in a pub to attract the first investors and the Bank's 18th century iron money kist (chest).

The Bank on the Mound

Explore the changing face of Edinburgh and our landmark building.

The Museum on the Mound is housed in the magnificent, purpose-built head office of the Bank of Scotland. Today the building also serves as the Scottish headquarters for Lloyds Banking Group. Find out more about the fascinating history of this beautiful building.

Use our interactive maps to see how the city has changed and grown since the 1600s. Find out how the Mound got its name. Have a go at building the Bank for yourself!

Money Matters

​Discover more about money - in all its shapes and forms.

Money matters to all of us - it is part of our daily lives. Although we think of money today as banknotes and coins, things like tea, shells and even feathers have been used in the past.

Find out how money has evolved over the past 4,000 years, see £1 million pounds and have a go at cracking a safe!

Buying Security - Building Societies

Learn about Victorian Britain and the rise of the building societies.

Britain is a nation of home-owners - but it wasn't always like that. In the 19th century, building societies changed the way we live, for good.

Discover what housing conditions were like in the Industrial Revolution and how working people clubbed together to build themselves better homes. See how the dream of home-ownership has been sold over the past 100 years.

Buying Security - Life Assurance

Experience life assurance in the 1820s.

In the early 1800s, Clerical Medical revolutionised the world of life assurance. For the first time cover was offered to people with life-shortening illnesses and 'risky' lifestyles. The catch? - they had to pay more.

Discover how different diseases and lifestyle-choices could dramatically increase the cost of a policy. Find out which countries were considered safe to visit in the 1820s - and which were not.

You can even apply for an 1820s-style life assurance policy…

Making it Work

Enjoy the changing world of work and leisure.

Countless people have been employed by banks and building societies over the years to look after our money. Not just a respectable career, it also offered an opportunity for more leisurely pursuits.

Discover what teenage apprentices earned in the 19th century, and when women first came to work in banks. Learn about early 'computers' and how they changed the workplace. See what 'high jinks' staff got up to in their free time.


In addition to our permanent displays, the Museum on the Mound often has a special exhibition or event over the summer months. It also hosts temporary installations from time to time.

Admission to all our temporary exhibitions and events is FREE.

Our next event will be in over Easter 2019 and tie in with the Edinburgh International Science Festival. If you would like to receive information about this and other upcoming events, please e-mail us at info@museumonthemound.com.

For information on some of our previous exhibitions, follow the links below.

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